Taking the classic Faustian tale of selling your soul to the devil, Jared Cohn’s latest film, Devil’s Domain, takes this old adage and blends in modern themes of celebrity culture, sexuality, and cyber bullying. The result is a fun escapade examining what it means to befriend the devil and the risk that follows reward.

A social pariah obsessed with social media and celebrity lifestyle, Lisa Pomson (Madi Vodane) is pushed to the point of suicide and desperation after she is secretly videotaped masturbating, binging, purging, and committing other shameless acts. When the video is published online, Lisa is ridiculed and harassed to an all time low. Having been ostracized by her parents and family and having lost her best friend after making the attempt to kiss her, she meets a mysterious and seductive stranger, the Devil (Linda Bella), who offers her fame and celebrity instead of sadness and suicide. In exchange for her wealth and fame, Lisa must provide her the souls of her bullies as well as a baby. As her tormentors begin to be brutally knocked off one-by-one, Lisa has a change of heart and decides to take the Devil on face-to-face.

A little loose and rough in the acting department, Devil’s Domain succeeds at telling a genuinely fun story filled with short and frequent bursts of gore and violence. The plot and style instantly conjure up flashes of 80s schlock horror and Full Moon Pictures style oddity, complete with sensationalized gore, yet somehow devoid of nudity. There are flourishes of something greater hidden within the micro-budget sheen, a great example of this is the satisfying finale that serves as a tribute to The Outer Limits. While nothing groundbreaking ever happens, Devil’s Domain is a good example of a low-budget indie horror film that deserves more attention than it will probably receive. 



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